10 Best Foods for Losing Weight

Losing weight seems difficult when you start your journey, but as the little improvements you make over time start paying off, it becomes easier and easier. Weight loss isn’t quite as straightforward as eating a healthy diet over a certain period of time until you look a certain way, but it’s the abundance of little practices that you transform every day.

One best place to start is to add some low-calorie, high-protein high-fiber food to your eating habits and swap as required. Our list includes some of these items you should add to your diet to help with weight loss and keep it off!

Disclaimer: Discuss to a qualified doctor before making significant decisions in lifestyle and before trying to lose weight. They would be better able to advise you according to your personal situation and needs.

Salad Greens

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This may seem obvious, but salad greens are fantastic for weight loss. And don’t stress, we don’t try to get you to eat a bland iceberg salad with shaved carrots and vinegar sauce. Barely anybody really likes that kind of salad. Instead, find some yummy salad inspirations online. Find a recipe with some good fats like avocado or some kind of seeds or nuts, plenty of vegetables and fruits you like, maybe even some good cheese, and a balanced dressing you can make with good ingredients like extra virgin olive oil and apple cider vinegar at home.

Green Beans

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Green beans are another perfect addition to the weight loss diet. Like the other vegetables on this list, they are high in nutrients, fibre, and vitamins, but calorie-low. They go well with many recipes and are easy to make too. Like asparagus, be sure to add more than enough seasonings to make them taste good. But don’t eat them in the casserole form, because all excess calories from the cheese and other things you put in the casserole probably won’t really help with your weight loss goals, although it’s fun to have holidays or other special occasions every time.


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Carrots are a nice accompaniment to any diet as rich in minerals and vitamins, and most significantly low in calories. That’s because they’re high in water and they’re high in fibre. Adding this all together makes carrots a nutritious and healthy snack. Raw carrots are nice to eat with your favourite high-protein dip, like hummus, and they’re easy to slip into meals like pasta sauce or homemade chicken tikka. You can use them to add a little crunch alongside meals!

Air-popped Popcorn

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We mentioned air-popped popcorn because usually the popcorn you get from the cinema or microwave is covered in thick, unnecessary oils and butter that add a lot of excessive fat. Popcorn is rich in fibre as a whole grain, but when made with oil and butter, it can be too quickly high in calories.

In an air-popped popcorn maker, it is super easy to make. All you have to do is connect the kernels to the unit, turn it on and wait for the kernels to pop! Add salt to finish, or get artistic with different spice blends that add a significant flavour of not many calories!


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Here’s any surprise? Broccoli is perfect for weight loss, and has many various methods to eat it too. Eating raw broccoli with hummus or in a salad is nice, but there are several different ways to cook it without steaming! Steaming is good because it doesn’t use oil, but it doesn’t taste as good and you need to enjoy your food to maintain weight loss. Using a small amount of oil instead of steaming and roast your broccoli in the oven or sear in a pan. Make sure it browns on the edges and season well with herbs or low-calorie sauces. Even don’t add cheese; seasonings would make it much better for fewer calories!


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Zucchini is indeed an improvement to your veggie pack. It’s very flexible and has a very pleasant flavor so you can apply it to just about anything without knowing it’s even there. It has a good content of water and fibre and still has not too many calories. Not only are they perfect for roasting, but you can also apply them to almost any sauce, grate them to turn them into breads and pancakes, and drop them into a smoothie for even more nutrients and minerals.

Fresh Fruit

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Concerned that your sweet tooth would affect your weight-loss results? Switch to fresh fruit! Or a frozen one. Or fruit fried. Only ensure there’s no added sugar or anything. Fresh fruit is better than dried fruit as it allows you to eat less than you will with dried or frozen dried fruit that is easy to overeat. Add fruit to your breakfast, dinner or lunch. Eat a snack of Greek yogurt and peanut butter. Get a smoothie. Create your own sugar-free jam by cooking a few strawberries with water to add to your whole-wheat toast or PB&J. Fruit is a perfect way to train your sugar craving without enslaving it.

Whole Grains

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A successful change you can make is to ensure all your grains (or at least 80% of your grains) are whole grains. Please also look at the list of packaged goods you are purchasing and understand what’s in the food you’re buying. If an ingredient looks like anything you’d see in the chemistry curriculum, google its name to see if it’s something you’re okay with being in your food. Whole grains are entire grains, meaning it’s still almost fully intact and doesn’t have the outer layer torn away. Examples are brown rice vs. white rice. Brown rice is the complete rice kernel, because it’s brown. White rice is the inner “meaty” rice without the outer kernel. These grains’ outer layer provides more fiber and nutrients to the meal, helping you remain full for longer.


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Fish is yet another excellent source of good omega-3s protein. Omega 3s are the “good fat we need in our American diets, but that doesn’t mean we can add more fat to our diets. It just means we’re going to lower the amount of bad” omega 6s we get a lot in the standard American diet and have more omega 3s. Salmon is a great fish to add to your usual dinner. Wild caught fish of any type is notably the better version of the fish since they were not raised in overcrowded farms with just a little room to run about and wild-caught fish get to eat what they want instead of what farmers feed. Farmed fish also have higher mercury content in such crowded waters.


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You knew eggs were superfood? Although they may have had some flack over the years for just being high in cholesterol or whatever else they have to say poorly about eggs, they cannot dispute the great nutritive value or filling ability of eggs. Although egg yolks are regarded “unhealthy” by some due to the high-fat content, they are also one of the multivitamins of nature due to the high concentration of important nutrients. Pasture-raised eggs are the finest to get as hens have plenty of room to eat anything they want, and the evidence is in yolk color! If the yolks of the eggs you buy are yellow and its not a rich orange color, it will come from an undernourished chicken.