5 Diets You Should Never Attempt Trying

What we consume is crucial for our health. This is the way in which we give our body vitamins and nutrients. You might have heard that when a person is trying to lose weight, many doctors would recommend the intake of more fruits and vegetables. The reason behind this is that in this way the person would still be able to get the much needed nutritions and feel full. 

Some people don’t have the time and patience so they decide they want to achieve faster results. This is when they start following for bizarre diets which might seem like they are working in the short term. However, we should be aware that they are very harmful. This is the topic of this article – the bad diets that are not worth you health and effort. 

The Baby Food Diet


This one might sound weird, but it really exists. The problem comes from the fact that those foods manage to provide enough nutrition to babies, but they lack what is needed for an adult body. This in turn leads to malnutrition. You might have come across it because it is promoted by celebrities like Gwenyth Poltrow. Although it might sound like a good idea, since such an actress is using it, you should know that she has been diagnosed with osteopenia, which is a condition occurring due to a lack of vitamin D. The reason behind this has been attributed to the baby food diet.

 The HCG Diet


This diet is all about consuming a super low amount of calories and also supplementing with pregnancy hormones. The latter stop the body from shutting down because of a lack of energy. Many people inject or spray the hormones. You might have guessed that lying to your body and making it think it is pregnant in order to be able to starve yourself is just a horrible idea. The Federal Drug Administration has stepped in since there are serious risks behind this diet some of which include fatal blood clots and complications connected to the body turning to vital organs for energy.

The Lemonade Diet


This regime includes drinking water, lemon juice, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper for 10 days in order to detox your body. This cocktail is just horrible in taste and keep in mind that it is basically the only thing that is allowed. The goal is to consume about 650 calories per day. There are even versions of this diet which include the intake of laxatives. If there are no serious complications from this diet then at least the weight loss is short term. This regime could seriously damage your organism – it could become malnutritioned and those deficiencies could place a strain on your heart. As for the use of laxative – it could lead to problems with the kidneys and heart. 

Ear Stapling


This is an appetite-reducing method which you should never try! It comes from acupuncture and the claim is that a staple activates pressure points that reduce food cravings. It has also been recommended to smokers who are trying to quit. This practice could damage your ears and scientists say it is pretty harmful, as it could also lead to infections. 

The Cotton Ball Diet

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This might just be the weirdest one out of this list. It includes eating juice-soaked cotton balls in order to feel full without actually intaking any calories. Some decide to consume small meals, but the majority just eat cotton balls as they are desperate to lose weight fast. The malnutrition risks are very obvious. Another problem comes from the full of chemicals polyester fibers which are contained in the cotton balls, They are anything but safe for the human body. One more issue is that they could block your intestines and endanger your life. If this happens you would be needing immediate medical attention.