Caution! These 15 Medications Can Cause Serious Side Effects

Never stop taking the medication without first consulting a doctor. Stopping such drugs can have significant side-effects.

We sometimes believe the medications we take are good for us. Our dr advised us to take it, correct? Following doctor’s orders is wise because they know more about health than anybody else. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean the long-term medication is healthy. There are many considerations why somebody should ask the doctor questions about what you’re prescribed. Many doctors prescribe drugs intended to be short-term, and a person who takes them long-term can pose complications. Often you should ask for another type of medication than they originally proposed.

Know that science is still evolving. Tests are still performed and redone. We may realize that what we consider good for us today will not be good in the long run.  All used to smoke cigarettes. Today, we know that tobacco is highly dangerous for us. Our doctors do their best to remain on top of this research, but sometimes there are a lot of conflicting answers; sometimes there’s really too much to process.

Also, tests aren’t always reliable. Pharmaceutical firms who only want to make money by selling their medication for all the predictable future also fund studies. This research can’t always be unbiased. They funded the studies that said opioids are safe for us, but we are now facing an epidemic of an opioid overdose. A lot of research needs to be done if you plan to take some drug for an extended amount of time. There are 15 drugs we found to be unsafe for you.

Sleeping Pills

Using a sleeping drug, like most medications, is short-term. However, if you use it long-term, you can develop tolerance, and you’ll need a higher dose. Quitting the med can seem inevitable.

Also for those without identified insomnia may find it difficult to sleep. If they are over-the-counter or medication, sleeping meds are not considered safe for long-term use.


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Diuretics induce the body to ingest extra water to support the kidney. Long-term usage will deplete the body of essential minerals because of this flushing, eliminating minerals like potassium and magnesium. These medications have also been linked to elevated death rates and heart problems.

Similarly, diuretics can interact negatively with other drugs and medications. This includes things like Prozac, diabetes and blood pressure medications.


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Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Medications, or NSAIDs, are used to alleviate inflammation and pain. Because of the same, we see people using them for long periods of time.

This may be troublesome for older adults, where we see them risking indigestion, ulcers, and bleeding in the stomach and colon. Because of these medications, it’s not uncommon to see blood pressure increase or kidneys damaged. Users are diagnosed with heart failure.


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Doctors are less likely to prescribe antibiotics unless essential. Long-term use of them can cause negative effects on immunity, like sickness due to drug-resistant bacteria.

It can also add to digestive issues because your stomach lacks healthy bacteria. Antibiotics were also related to increased risk of Type 1 Diabetes with repeated use.


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Xanax is an enormously popular anxiety and panic medication. About 50 million prescriptions are given annually. Valium, a similar drug, is also common. Yet most people don’t know they’re dangerous drugs.

Any benzodiazepine medication like these two endangers users. In addition to dependency, benzodiazepine medications can cause certain brain-related complications such as delirium, psychosis, depression, memory failure, and long-term sedation.


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Nearly 6 million Americans use Prozac as an antidepressant. Many people are taking it without a doubt considering it is a medication intended to change the brain composition.

They are supposed to be taken for a year or two maximum, but this medication is extremely addictive and many people want to take it for extended durations. Antidepressants are related to gastrointestinal bleeding, low sodium levels and increased stroke risk.


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When women go through menopause, their bodies stop producing as much estrogen as they had until then. This leads to a number of issues, some of which are merely unpleasant, while others are harmful.

These women often use hormone-therapy medications to increase their estrogen levels to alleviate these problems. Long-term estrogen use includes many reported complications, such as a high risk of breast cancer, blood clots, and dementia.

Heartburn drugs

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Heartburn is rare. Most people would suffer somewhere throughout their lifespan. Heartburn is a deceptive name, however. It’s the product of flowing stomach acid through the esophagus, somewhere it clearly shouldn’t be.

While this could be perfect for short-term uses, long-term use may cause complications, as stomach acid is important for our health. Add that these medications don’t cure your problem, only cover it, and it leaves you wondering why you’re not already searching for new, healthier ways to treat your heartburn.

Nasal Sprays

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A stuffy nose can be annoying, however, you shouldn’t use it more than the label’s timeframe. Taking the medication too long can make your congestion even worse.

A person cannot breathe without long-term nasal sprays is not uncommon. The nose becomes reluctant to clear itself, making it necessary to breathe from your nasal passages.


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Benadryl is generally considered allergic, although some people take it as a sleeping pill. Whatever the cause, this drug can be harmful long-term. Some people can become addicted, and the body becomes dependent.

Insomnia, fatigue, anxiety, and constipation are just some of a person’s symptoms. Long-term usage also affects memory, particularly in the elderly. It can cause depression, exhaustion, confusion, and hallucinations.


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Methotrexate and other chemotherapeutic agents are long-term dangerous. It treats everything from arthritis to cancer, but at serious risk. It kills cells—all cells—without considering the cell type it kills. It’s dangerous for pregnant and unborn women.

It may cause fatal reactions in people taking NSAIDs. Bone, liver, kidney, intestinal and immune issues contribute to this treatment and its long-term use.


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Occasionally, laxatives may be required, but regular daily use? That may be risky. Your body could become accustomed to and dependent on drugs.

Some older adults were highly constipated and compacted because their laxatives no longer function, and they need anything stronger to clear themselves. The bowels gradually lose the inability to function properly, so if possible, it’s best to go normal.

Blood Thinners


Blood thinners and anticoagulants, such as warfarin, can be troublesome, to say the least. They are also prescribed for long-term use to protect people from heart problems by thinning the blood to circulate more freely.

One of the more serious and shockingly simple issues is how trivial it is to bleed. Since your blood becomes thin, clotting your blood becomes difficult, meaning the tiny cuts you may get when shaving or opening the mail can bleed much more than they should.


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We saw a substantial rise in the number of prescriptions issued—a 40% increase between 2007 and 2011, leading to 50 million prescriptions in 2011. Indeed, about 10% of kids are taking the medication these days. ADHD drug used to enhance attention span.

Over this, we’ve seen it get exploited on school campuses everywhere as students struggle to deal with the intense and challenging school system we have. Adderall’s real concern is chemical. It helps boost serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine, chemicals essential for pleasure, reward, and motivation. The brain stops making these chemicals. When you’re trying to get off Adderall, your brain won’t function anymore without its crutch.


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The opiate epidemic exposed the risks of long-term drug use. Regardless of your willpower, your body becomes drug-dependent.

Due to the drug, the pain that needed the prescription could intensify. It may also cause liver damage and constipation. Hypoxia could also affect the brain.