Try These Healthy Substitutes to Ramen Noodles

Ramen noodles are so famous. They are inexpensive and good but are pretty horrible for you because, among other unhealthy ingredients, they’re famously rich in salt and MSG. Furthermore, the noodles are not healthy. Fortunately, anytime you need ramen, there are a variety of substitutes to ramen noodles that are healthier and simpler.

Any alternatives require you to make the ramen at home from the start. Although it may sound dreadful, it’s not as hard to make ramen at home as you might imagine.  Making ramen at home is the healthiest way, so you can watch what reaches the dish.

Some instant noodles are popular and are a better alternative than ramen. Most pre-packaged noodles are actually in a wide range of flavors to share MSG for other nutrient ingredients or tofu noodles.

Healthy ramen alternatives

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If you wish to make ramen at home, the choices are almost infinite. You can make it almost carb-free by taking the noodles out. Vegetable noodles or spirals are another safe choices. These are also made from carrots and squash (among other options). They can also be bought pre-made several times in grocery stores. Daikon is another hit for spiralizing veggies in ramen, a bitter Asian radish.

Try udon or soba noodles for true noodle alternatives. The sodium and fat are minimal and offer a better substitute in ramen bowls. Shirataki noodles are baked already and too low in calories.

For nutritious, instant ramen alternatives, consider brands like House Foods, One Culture Foods, and Nona Lim for tasty ramen in a flash. These products have plenty of flavors to pick from and are considerably lower in sodium.

Whatever alternative fits well for you. These alternatives can also be more flavourful and you can’t forget the other ramen noodles.