Ways of Staying Active and in Shape During the Pandemic

We all have to stay at home at the moment and be safe. This is our top priority. But this does not mean that we should get out of shape. It might seem harder to work out when you are at home and have no access to your favorite gym. However, this is not completely true. Now that we have more time it is time to get motivated and achieve the body we have dreamt of. With some easy steps, you will be able to do it. We know it is a tough challenge during lockdown but it is far from impossible. Here are some tips on how to get started and feel inspired. 

No gym

Many of us have always preferred working out at the gym. Now that it is not safe going there or they are even all closed, we have to figure out a different way to exercise. It is easy to get off track and decide that now is not the time to work out and that you will start again once the pandemic is over. However, you should know that working out at home could be even easier than visiting the gym, so why skip it? You have complete freedom on what exercises you do, when you do them and where. Your whole home could turn into a gym if you want it to become one. 

Where should you start?

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Starting is the toughest part. You will only need your body and some motivation to begin. Work out on a yoga mat or just the carpet and go barefoot if you would like. You can do it in your pajamas if you feel like it and you are comfortable. Great, right? You do not really have any excuses for not trying to work out from home anymore. 

Search online

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There are so many workout instructions online nowadays. You can search through Facebook, Instagram or YouTube or just google “home workout”. There are plenty of detailed tutorials for every level and type of exercise. It might be tough to pick one channel out of the thousands that are available, but don’t worry – just choose one and start. A lot of the popular channels you will come across are maintained by professional trainers who know what they are doing so you are in safe hands. 

Maintain a routine

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This will help you be consistent with a workout plan and assist you in keeping a healthy lifestyle. Try waking up every day at the same time and going to bed at the same time. Prepare and eat your meals at a certain time as well. This will make your body feel better and make working out easier. You can exercise in the morning to start your day right or in the evening to help you burn off some steam. You can go for as short as a 20-minute workout and it will still count.